Multiple socks in colorful patterns and stripes are in a pile, some have Sock Snaps attached.


Do Sock Snaps work on all types of socks? Sock Snaps are designed to work on most socks; however they are not recommended for very low no-show socks.
Are they easy to install? Yes, very easy. Just follow the directions on the package or watch our video. No tools needed.
Can Sock Snaps be removed from the socks? No, they are designed to remain on the socks.
Do Sock Snaps hold the socks together throughout the entire washing and drying cycle? Yes, just snap your socks together after wearing, throw them in the washer and dryer and your socks will remain together. Saving you a ton of time. Just unsnap to wear.

Do you hate sorting, matching & losing socks on laundry day?

Your solution is here. Socks that snap together, stay together.